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 Equality & Human Rights Advice/Research & Training


We provide a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call us for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.


We deliver training/workshops on a range of topics, including Youth Leadership Training, Human Rights and Equality Training, Forced Marriages, Female Genital Mutilation, Street Grooming, Child On-line Exploitation and other training programmes on specific issues as requested by the commissioning organisation. 

Please contact us for bespoke training programmes and to discuss your requirements.
Generic or bespoke training can be delivered to staff/partners working with you or alongside your organisation, our main aim is to help assist you organisation to create a proactive knowledge of Equality, Diversity & Human Rights and help you improve where required the services you provide to the public and for those that work for you.

Stimulating Debate

The dedicated team of associates and volunteers are expert in stimulating debate, particularly subjects which are considered to be taboo. We are happy to go where others wont.
Religion and Culture are areas we are happy to research on your behalf.
We are also happy to help you engage in open conversation about the 'taboo' subjects in order to eliminate the negative perceptions that may exist with staff or the communities you live within.
We aim to create understanding, empathy as well as community and organisational cohesion.

Discussion Sessions

2 to 3 hour sessions to ensure frank and honest discussions take place around current diversity issues or areas of concern for the organisation or the community you provide a service to. Unrestricted debate and dialogue can aid the improvement and compliance of equality and Human Rights legislation, whilst also helping to eliminate any misunderstandings that may be allowed to fester or become culturally embedded when open and honest conversation is not encouraged.

Power point presentations

A quick an effective method to allow participants to be made aware of key elements of the law and also have an opportunity to ask questions in order to seek clarification.

Case Studies

Generic equality issues as dealt with through case law are explored and understanding/awareness of legal decisions is communicated to the participants. Areas where no case law exists and areas of concern for the organisation can be dealt as case studies for participants to work through and feedback on. Participants will be given best practice guidance on resolving the area of concern and avoiding non-compliance of equality and human rights legislation.


One-to-one access to advice via e-mail or telephone to assist participant/s in resolving or working through ‘live’ work based scenario/s. This will assist individuals in complying with legal/organisational/business policies and procedures.


Consultant/s can work with an individual on a variety of issues as defined by the organisation/individual. As an aspect of the shadowing process the consultant/s can impact assess all procedures to ensure that reasonable measures are put in place to comply with legal/organisational and business requirements. The 'shadowing' process which involves making observations can be a useful tool to help an individual/organisation eliminate practices that do not benefit the business needs and ultimately this can assist in releasing efficiency savings for any forward thinking organisation.


Courses can be created that are bespoke  to the organisation, or generic awareness courses can be created.  All staff can complete the course to ensure legal training requirements for diversity and equality awareness have been met. Courses can be assessed by trained supervisors, by external assessors or even trained volunteers from the community.

CD based courses

CD based coursed can be created that are bespoke to the organisation, or a generic awareness course that all staff should complete to ensure legal requirements for diversity and equality awareness have been met. Courses can be assessed by trained supervisors, by external assessors or even trained volunteers from the community.

Training Booklet

Training booklets can be created that are bespoke to the organisation or a generic awareness booklet that all staff are provided as a resource that they can access should they require it, to help assist them in ensuring legal requirements for diversity and Human Rights are being met.

Role plays

Trained actors or community volunteers will present a scenario that participants will be asked to attempt to manage and deal with as a 'live' situation that they are being presented with. Peer and facilitator feedback is provided during the role play session, positive feedback as well as where areas of improvement or learning are identified will be verbally provided to the individual or the group participating in the role play activity. If required written feedback can also be provided by the facilitator

Phone Seminars

Bespoke or generic discussions can be presented to an organisation via the use of a telephone /internet access. Participants can engage in discussion on a subject matter with an expert to discuss current issues and raise awareness of diversity and equality issues. The number of participants is potentially limitless.  An outline of the discussion will be presented to the participants via e-mail prior to the event, questions can be e-mailed during the seminar and as many questions as possible will be answered. Discussions usually last up to an hour. This is a cheap and effective method of raising awareness on a large scale. A minimum of 15 participants would be required per phone seminar.

Phone seminars can also be utilised in order to engage with a person from the community; a volunteer or an individual whom the organisation wishes to engage with in order to explore and understand different cultural/religious values and beliefs or perspectives.

The use of volunteers from the community can help build confidence within the local community and can also help empower local communities particularly those communities that face discrimination and barriers in accessing opportunities and engaging with your organisation.

Training Handouts/Updates

After initial training handouts can be e-mailed/ presented by any of the above means to ensure staff are aware of current developments and best practice in diversity, equality and Human Rights related issues.


We can conduct research into any subject matter, our research techniques include.

Live Research:

Vox populi, questionnaires, focus groups, on-line surveys.

Peer Research:

Peer research comes with multiple community benefits as locally trained peer researchers ensure that meaningful engagement and local consultation occurs as well as ensuring that local people are empowered and gain valuable communication and research skills that they can utilise in future employment opportunities.

Produce Information DVD's/Videos

We can film & produce information DVD's/Videos on any Equality, Diversity and Human Rights subject matter. We have an in-house filming & production team that is made up of young people working alongside professionally trained filming experts, this approach allows us to keep our costs at a very competitive level whilst ensuring young people gain valuable skills that allow them to add to their personal portfolios and potentially gain access to permanent job opportunities in their locality.

Generic or bespoke videos that highlight how to deal with diversity and equality issues can be created,  often scenarios played out on screen by actors or community volunteers are used as a training tool/technique to help educate participants on how to effectively deal with situations that impact on diversity equality and Human Rights. Participants usually always value the interactive and visual approach  that enables learning in a more creative environment.

Conduct Investigations

We can conduct internal investigations & audits to help you improve how you deliver your services. We can also conduct fact finding excercises and conduct reviews into individual cases relating to disciplinary and conduct matters. We can help  assist you in establishing the facts of any given complaint or allegation presented to the Complaints/Professional Standards and/or Human Resources department.